Case Study - Brew Day

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A great business held back by a underperforming website

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Brewing up something special

Brew Day approached WeBoost with a typical problem. They wanted to take their love for craft beer and brewing to the public, offering superb products and unique brewing kits in collaboration with some of the UK’s biggest breweries.

They needed a top quality website, but as a start-up, they didn’t have the budget, and their self made site wasn’t setup the way it should have been for best results.

We crafted the perfect marketplace

The guys at Brew Day had some fantastic branding already, but they weren’t using it properly.

We took the design elements, crafted a bespoke site around them, then launched them to the baying home brewers of the UK.

WeBoost have made hundreds of eCommerce websites over the years, so we know what works in general but each sector is unique, as indeed each business.

One feature Brew Day wanted which was not freely available is the ability to order hops and malts by the gram. No longer would brewers have to buy 500g of product when they only need 100g, for the rest to potentially go off.

There wasn’t an off the shelf solution for this, so we coded a tool to allow sales in this manner.

We made more of featuring the great manufacturers and collaborators they were working with, such as WilliamsWarn Brew Kegs and Neon Raptor brewing, as well as highlighting their hugely successful Hop Idol competition, finding the nation’s best home brewers.

The Brew Day guys had done the work, they just needed a better way of selling; so this is what we provided. A great site, with effective SEO to attract users from search results.

In the 3 years since, Brew Day has turned over £360,000+, reaching over 7,000 new orders to new customers.

Cheers to that!🍻

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