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Spend in Bitcoin

From concept to live directory / subscription site inside a week

Services include: Business Incubation, eCommerce & Directory Web Design, SEO, Product Development

Bringing Bitcoin friendly online businesses together

Spend in Bitcoin first contacted WeBoost with a basic idea. As an avid Bitcoiner, he noticed that those looking to spend Bitcoin were struggling to remember digitally based (primarily) businesses who had adopted the Bitcoin standard.

Whislt there are services such as BTCMap, which show physical locations, this excludes digital only companies.

The idea behind Spend in Bitcoin was to fill that void, providing a great platform for Bitcoin friendly businesses and to help market their services and products to a wider, Bitcoin-centric audience, acting as a focal piece.

Quick development & deployment prior to a Bitcoin event in Canada

Whilst the UK market is currently the main target, the owner of Spend in Bitcoin had tickets to a large event in Canada, where he wanted to show the concept to fellow Bitcoiners there for their feedback.

We got cracking straight away, designing an easy to use, clean and simple directory website.

We helped to develop the structure of the site, how listings were dealt with in terms of being verified, featured and claimed by the businesses, all tested and connected to multiple payment gateways to allow for subscription to premium features.

The feature-rich directory includes different ways for users to contact the businesses on the site, including a quick contact form, a booking system where payment can be taken upfront, and a live chat feature.

A simple listing with information and a link was made available for free, with two premium packages available for a small fee, depending on requirements.

We turned this around in time for the event and the feedback has been superb, with invitations onto leading podcasts flowing in for the owner. Bitcoiners really want to get behind other Bitcoiners and Bitcoin friendly businesses.

Now featuring in excess of 50, mostly UK based, Bitcoin friendly businesses, this early days start-up has the perfect footing for the next leg up.

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