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Carlton Town FC

From cash only, to accepting Bitcoin & eCommerce website

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We are the Millers, the mighty Millers 👏👏👏👏

We love a bit of footy, especially the communal feeling of being involved with a non-league, local community club like Carlton Town, a.k.a. The Millers, thanks to their past links with Sneinton and Greens’ Windmill.

We’ve been supporting our local Millers for several years, regularly taking the walk down Stoke Lane to the Bill Stokeld Stadium on an often rainy Tuesday or Saturday to get behind the team.

Then one day in May 2023, we heard a shout for help…

Unexpected situations, new ideas and a helping hand

Unfortunately, the club were hit with a huge electricity bill, due to the energy price hikes at the time. They needed ideas and ways to grow their modest income, and quick.

During an emergency meeting with the club board, that’s when, inspired by Peter McCormack and Real Bedford, we suggested, ‘have you considered accepting Bitcoin?’

This was met with blank faces and confusion. We totally expected that!

My good friend Chris, from Bitcoin Nottingham, had accompanied me that day, and the pair of us sold the upsides and the potential of taking this route.

The board were intrigued and wanted to give it a shot. This is when we introduced the club to CoinCorner, and officially the world’s 3rd Bitcoin friendly club was adopted.

We knew this would help get eyes on the club, and hopefully feet down to Stoke Lane, but a way of convening this and expanding the club’s merchandising and ticketing was also sorely needed.

WeBoost put together a superb, modern, easy to use and featureful shop website in a very short period of time, collaborating with the volunteer who looks after the main website to ensure best functionality and SEO practice.

We used a 3rd party print on demand service to offer club merch, alongside matchday tickets, season tickets and event tickets, all requiring something a little different.

We also setup an auction system, for the club to auction off signed memorabilia from themselves and other sporting greats, a booking system for bar and 5-a-side pitch hire, sponsorship packages and a donation system for the local Netherfield Food Bank, which the club supports.

The website helped them sell more tickets than ever before, and their relationship with the Bitcoin community has blossomed over time.

Our local Bitcoin Meetup Group, Bitcoin Nottingham, holds their monthly meetup at the ground, bringing 20+ extra people to the bar every month.

The club also hosted the inaugural ‘The Bitcoin Fest’ on 6th April 2024, bringing over 330 people to the club for a wonderful day of Bitcoin talks, shops, workshops and with plenty of fun and games.

In September 2023, I (Mitch) was honoured to be asked to join the club’s board and was unanimously voted onboard. We’ll continue to strive to improve the image and reach of this great, historic club, both locally and globally.

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