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Gedling Colonics

From a start-up in 2014 to the most trusted name in colonics

Services include: eCommerce Web Design, SEO, PPC, Sales, Procurement, Contracting, Supply Chain Management

Crafting a clean, trustworthy image for a new starter of a company

Gedling Colonics approached WeBoost in 2014 following the owner and practitioner, Jane, passing her colonic hydrotherapy exams the month prior.

As a new business by someone stepping away from 9-5 employment for the first time, there was extra pressure to deliver quickly and effectively.

The first iteration of Gedling Colonics’ website was a simple but perfectly executed brochure site. Colonics aren’t the most competitive sectors out there, but there were plenty of established businesses we had to beat to the top of Google.

Our superb SEO achieved that in a matter of weeks, which allowed the fledgling company to transition away from offering cheap Groupon/Wowcher treatments due to the volume of enquiries.

A few month’s later, as we continued to build the SEO for secondary terms, adding PPC ads at a low cost to the mix, Jane was booked up for several months at a time.

Keeping on the throne

It’s tough at the top, as you’re prime target for competitors. They kept on trying to close the gap, but our perseverance kept Gedling Colonics as the Queen of colonics.

The initially local targeted SEO started to effect nationally, and clients were coming from all over the UK. It was time for expansion.

After opening a 2nd clinic, ran by former NHS nurse Sarah, it was time for an upgrade of the website.

We used modern techniques and tools to provide the perfect new eCommerce website, now featuring a range of Just For Tummies supplements and tea, as well as a wide range of in clinic or do at home health tests.

As well as the new features, we had continued to optimise the SEO and PPC, with Google Ads coming in as a particularly successful avenue.

As we’ve driven the price per visit down to just 2p per click, on average, it costs around 20p for Gedling Colonics to attract a customer to an often repeating, £100+ service!

The success of Gedling Colonics has helped Jane become one of the most trusted names in gut health in the UK, where she formally Chaired the regulatory body, ARCH, and is now training the next generation of colonic hydrotherapists and looking to expand further.

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