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Move fast & break things wasn’t even supposed to be the success it has been. The owners thought it would be a neat side hustle. We turned it into a global brand.

WeBoost were approached by a partner with a great idea. He had noticed these cool, new Bitcoin Lottery Miner released called a Nerd Miner. 

Whilst this was an open-source project, it looked like customers were struggling to find a place to buy them, especially if they were not keen on a DIY option.

He didn’t have any budget, or brand, but asked if we’d consider the project for our Business Incubation program.

This looked a great opportunity, and with the right guidance and actions, we knew it could work well.

That’s when we noticed the domain,, was available, as well as complementary social media accounts, such as @nerdminers. We thought that using this would help tagging on social media platform like X (Twitter), too.

We wasted no time in registering the domains and accounts, getting to work on a brand and a site straight away.
We’re nerds anyway, so we know what nerds like – D&D! The luck element of the product and the iconic D20 gave us the idea for the branding, using colours associated with Bitcoin in orange and grey.
Within 2 days of registration, the shop was live and a pre-sale of Nerd Miners was started. Labels had been ordered, boxes were on the way, and a Royal Mail account was created.

We helped the owner with sourcing the relevant suppliers of the hardware, direct from the manufacturer in China. We helped find solutions for packaging and shipping, which have remained unchanged to this day, thanks to the great fit.

We even assisted with packing orders in person, as we had amassed over 200 pre-orders in just a short time, partly helped by the decision to accept Bitcoin as a payment method thanks to CoinCorner, a trusted and regulated Bitcoin bank, if you will.

Since then, in the first year of operation, have shipped nearly 3000 units around the globe, scaling and growing along the way, turning over in excess of £120,000.

From no idea to market leader in a matter of months

One of our greatest skills is the ability to turnaround projects at lightning speed. After all, opportunity waits for no one. Another is our ability to learn, pivot and adapt.

Thanks to our exceptional understanding of onsite SEO, the site was ranking overnight for the primary keyword targets, including ‘Nerd Miner’ and ‘Bitcoin Lottery Miner’.

We built the blog in order to target other keywords relevant to our customers, bringing in higher and higher volumes of visitors, and customers.

We’d outpaced our competitors at a great pace and, before long, were seeing regular monthly orders in excess of £10,000.

Profits were invested into social media, with giveaways driving great interest in the product and amassing over 2.3k followers on Twitter, their primary platform, totally organically.

Further was invested into international Google Ads, targeting the countries with the most interest in the product and Bitcoin in general, and least competitors.

We helped develop the pricing model of the devices, as to be competitive in any currency – the pricing adapts to the user based on their I.P. address and geolocation, so we needed to ensure it was compatible in GBP, USD, EUR & more.

The site was also developed to automatically translate, based on a combination of the above and the settings on the user’s device. This helped us to rank highly in multiple global locations and bought in sales from across the world.

Over the past 12 months, have blossomed from an idea to a six-figure turnover business, synonymous with the Bitcoin Lottery Mining scene, and looking to build further.

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